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The joys of car ownership

Took my car in for a free brake check-up. I then learned that my front strut is broken, has been for a while, and as a result most of my front brake system needed to be replaced. The bill came to approximately two months rent.

On the bright side, the guys at the garage were very nice, actually showed me everything that was broken, explained what wasn't working about it and had me handle the busted pieces so I could see/feel what wasn't working properly. The bits that were leaky or already starting to rip presented a compelling argument.

On a lighter note, finally filed my taxes for my business for last year. Yes, 2010's taxes. As they were so late I had a 25% percent penalty fee, meaning the amount I owed wound up going up to $13.76. Yes, $13.76. I don't know what they were expecting, I only registered the business in October and had around eight sales, but honestly, if I get audited for that it will be hysterical.

So yeah. If anyone wants to buy jewelry from me, now would be a really really *really* awesome time for people to do it.
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Birthday Thoughts

My birthday came and went. This past year in Seattle has helped me more than I ever thought it would. I have a social life, I have friends, I have an apartment and pets. I'm learning how to become part of a community that seems to welcome me instead of tolerating me. I still have a long way to go- figure out what's wrong with my blood sugar, be able to have a sexual relationship without wanting to have a panic attack, deal with how I keep needing to raise the dosage of my meds every few weeks, determine what role I play with my mother. But for the first time in a very long while I feel that the people around me aren't just tolerating my presence, are wiling to help me if I asked, and aren't convinced I'm some sort of deranged immature stalker. It's somewhat refreshing.

Also, the following is a favorite song of mine I use on days when all i want to do is hide and cry. The lyrics are beautiful and I love the melody. Jukebox Hound, I strongly recommend it to you.

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Move along, nothing to see here

I was at a new gaming shop down in Olympia to consign my earrings. It was Yugi-oh draft night, so the owner was fairly busy and things were going slowly. I drifted towards a couple of conversations.

Group of guys: "Dude, I'm just saying, if Kefka (FFVI) had gotten drunk he'd have taken over the world way more quickly."
Me: (Can't resist) "What if Kefka had been high?"
Guys: *stare at me for a moment. One of them: "Wow. Wow. Um. I think you broke my brain."
Other Guy: *gives me a panicked look, which I later translate as 'oh my god cute girl don't scare her away don't scare her away pretend you're cool NOW*: "Just ignore them, my friends just say some stupid crap, we're not all crazy nerds here!"
Me: "...I make dice earrings as a main source of income, hang out in comic shops, and own every volume of Dragonball Z in Japanese and English. I count as a nerd."
Other Guy: *gets giant look of relief on face and offers me a high-five*
In the background: "Did someone say something about a Highlander/Dragonball Z crossover?"
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My dice earrings are being sold at SakuraCon! Green Lake Games is giving me a 60/40 consignment on them, and it sounds like a number have already sold. I'm going to be donating 30% of what I make this month and March to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief, so again, if anyone wants to request something or grab an item, sooner is better than later.

Also, this was the best reason to miss a sale I've had yet:

Girlfriend: *looking at D-4 and D-8 earrings*
Boyfriend: "You shouldn't get those. Get the D-10's."
G: "I like these ones. Why should I get those?"
B: "....I'd feel betrayed if you got dice that weren't supported by my gaming system."
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Continuing Saga of Fremont Market

1. Fremont Market has three kinds of sellers: the people selling food, the people selling used or old items, and the local artists. All three of us are trying to make a living. The people selling used items usually have really great deals and often have some fantastic stuff for very low prices. The local artists, having actually made the stuff they're selling, often charge more. For some reason, the people who come to the market always have an incredibly difficult time reconciling themselves to this fact, and several seem convinced the artists are trying to rip them off with our price-gouging of $10 to $25 for a pair of earrings.

Woman looking at my copper disc earrings: "What's this earring made out of?"
Woman: *disappointed, puts the earrings back*
Me: *Looks at copper earrings, next to copper barrettes, on a copper colored earring rack.* "...."
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Acid-Etched Earrings

Another example of what I'm making. This time, a set of earrings with Korean vowels etched on them with acid.

Again, from now until the end of the month 30% of any purchases made through my etsy account or otherwise will be donated to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. Thanks guys.
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Acid-Etched Barrett

Barretts I made. Debating putting them up on etsy or offering them on help_japan. I will later be posting images of disc-shaped earrings I made using a similar process.

A short explanation of acid-etching: I take a piece of copper and apply what is known as a resist- in this case, a permanent marker. Using the resist, I draw a pattern on the copper, the suspend the piece of copper in ferrous oxide, an acid. I wait around two hours, then remove the piece, by which point every part I did not apply the resist to has been eaten away. After making the barrett, the patterned area then had another acid called lily-of-sulfur applied to it in several coats, to give it a lasting patina.
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Tsunami and Earthquake relief

From today until Sunday of next week, thirty percent of everything I make selling jewelry is going to be donated to a Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief fund. Which one in particular will be determined by Sunday after doing some research. This includes things I sell at the local market, and things I sell through the following website:


I'll be posting a new item every day on my etsy account. These items will vary from acid-etched barrettes, acid-etched disc earrings, snake vertebrae earrings, to more dice jewelry. If you've been wanting a piece of my jewelry or wanted to make a custom order, this would be a wonderful time to do so.

(My host parents and their family are thankfully fine. They live in the Kansai region, which is further to the south. My mother is still waiting to hear back from some of her friends in Tokyo.)