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So, I went to Iceland for a week with two friends. Other than the part where I sprained both my knees while climbing a glacier (A GLACIER. I GOT TO CLIMB ON A GLACIER THAT HAD VOLCANIC ASH SPRINKLED INTO LAYERS OF ICE LIKE CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN A REALLY GOOD CUPCAKE) and am still limping the entire experience was amazing. My girlfriend's boyfriend also proposed to her while we there, which was great because everyone but her knew what was coming and she was getting really annoyed with all those people telling her to go outside to the observation deck because it was cold, dammit people why does she have to leave the nice warm room?

I loved it and I hope to go back again. I met some wonderful people- my two friends were there for a video game convention called Fanfest- and bought too much chocolate and tried something called skyr and discovered a donut that no matter how hard I look at it looks like a vagina. All in all, a wonderful time.

And in three days, Emerald City Comicon. Preparing to freak the hell out in three, two, one...

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