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I identify as a feminist.

It's been brought to my attention that a number of women of my generation who do likewise don't seem to understand what that term is actually supposed to mean. Allow me to clarify.

I am a feminist:

Because in Afghan and other parts of the world families are socially and morally obligated to kill their daughters if they're raped. Because in Darfur a man left his wife and five children because she was raped. Because in China and India female fetuses are aborted. Because in India a peasant woman who has a daughter is back working in the fields three days after she's given birth instead of the month of rest she'd be granted if it had been a son. Because in Egypt female babies are abandoned in empty lots. Because I want to be able to be economically independent. Because I want to explore my own sexuality without being condemned.

Not because I am a victim. Not because I believe men are evil. Not because I believe in insulting or attacking or belittling men, or that men should feel ashamed because of their gender. Not because sex that was awkward or less than ideal should automatically be labeled as a rape. Not because I want to punish anyone who has the same gender or background as someone who oppressed or injured someone with my same gender or background.

I am a feminist because I believe in having access to the same opportunities as men. Women who take advantage of legislature and attitudes that were meant to protect us, that our mothers and grandmothers fought and bled and died for, and use it to hurt men in some bizarre power trip, are no better than the men who rape and abuse women.

ETA: It's that time of the year where Goodwill has a crapload of books college students didn't get around to selling or chucking in the dumpster. Got a bunch of East Asian Studies and Women's Studies books, and reading either of those topics results in soliloquies on m part.
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