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The joys of car ownership

Took my car in for a free brake check-up. I then learned that my front strut is broken, has been for a while, and as a result most of my front brake system needed to be replaced. The bill came to approximately two months rent.

On the bright side, the guys at the garage were very nice, actually showed me everything that was broken, explained what wasn't working about it and had me handle the busted pieces so I could see/feel what wasn't working properly. The bits that were leaky or already starting to rip presented a compelling argument.

On a lighter note, finally filed my taxes for my business for last year. Yes, 2010's taxes. As they were so late I had a 25% percent penalty fee, meaning the amount I owed wound up going up to $13.76. Yes, $13.76. I don't know what they were expecting, I only registered the business in October and had around eight sales, but honestly, if I get audited for that it will be hysterical.

So yeah. If anyone wants to buy jewelry from me, now would be a really really *really* awesome time for people to do it.
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