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Naruto Rec List

(Stares at list and sweatdrops) I offered to put together a Naruto rec list for rosethornli. In the process, it somehow exploded into this. (Wonders what her grades would look like if she spent the amount of time reading this actually studying...)
Notes: This list may or may not be periodically updated. The epic fics have a word count next to them- this word count lists what they were at when I wrote this list, and is not solid, unalterable gospel. I just like people to know what they're getting into when they click on an epic-fic link. List is organized by one shot/short fic, epic complete, epic in-progress, and hiatus. Each section is alphabetical by author.
And if anyone I'm reccing takes offense at being placed on this list without their permission, no offense was intended and I am more than willing to remove your name if asked.

Finished one-shot/short fic
Drabbles by, or Asuka Kureru on, creator of the Saki-chan and Teamwork universes.
ita/sasu A collection of AU ficlets where Itachi is a vampire and Sasuke is a vampire hunter who finds himself manipulated by his brother into a different role. Read it, and encourage her to write more. She also has one or two chapters written in this verse if you look for her itasasu tags.
Sharing is Caring
Sasu/Saku/Naru that becomes... well... Her own summary says it all: 'This is a threesome, Uzumaki, not a walk in harem.'

Girls Have Needs Too
Team Seven engages in an activity to improve their inter-team morale.
Naruto Ficlets
Wonderful random Naruto ficlets. I particularly endorse 12, 16, and 30.
Harry Potter Crack Ficlets
Team 7 and Kakashi at Hogwarts. Each one full of in-character, cracky goodness.
Teamwork Ficlets
Ficlets set after Teamwork (see further down for more details) May or may not contain spoilers.

Cracked Nuts from the Squirrel's Hoard ChibiRisu-chan (chibirisuchan at livejournal)
A collection of Naruto shorts from the mastermind. Some crack, some not.

Seven Things That Didn’t Happen to Team 7 by Divaesque (Aishuu on livejournal, )
A beautifully written fic about seven things that didn’t happen; introduces several possible AU’s that you want someone to kidnap and feed.
Turned Traitor
An example of what might have become of three characters in the Naruto-verse if they hadn’t betrayed Konoha.
Power Play
A Death-Note Naruto crossover where two blondes have a disagreement regarding the concept of justice. One of them reacts with a level of maturity commonly found in the Death Note universe.
Of Power, Respect, and Friendship
A brief fic that takes a close look at the relationship between Naruto and Sasuke. Non-yaoi
When Mitosis Finally Came
Sakura tries to comfort the Rokudaime after he’s forced to kill the person closest to him.

Shoot Your Mouth Off by Hades’ Phoenix
Sasu/Naru Out of all the people in Konoha who gossiped over Sasuke’s (seemingly non-existent) sexuality, Naruto was the only one that’d actually ask him. With Naruto’s version of timing and tact.

Things Team Nineteen Are No Longer Allowed To Do by H. E. Gray
Crack list about all the things Iruka’s former genin team, captained by Ibiki, are no longer allowed to do. Two chapters, and very amusing.

Like a Lamb by Linay
Saku/Sasu Sakura’s captured by Orochimaru while Sasuke’s training with him. Sasuke fails to recognize that there are different types of strength. If you’re looking for a fic where Sasuke has to rescue a wimpy, weak Sakura, this isn’t it.

First Frost by Moonsheen
Wonderful characterization. In which there is snow, and members of Konoha go about their (for them) daily lives.

Dear Sir or Madam by Never Eats Oranges
Only two chapters- very depressingly not continued. A series of letters between various Konoha individuals that leads to Iruka being semi-shanghied into starting an anonymous romance advice column for the genin of Konoha.

The Life and Times of Mama Uchiha by Sadie Dragonfire (sadieko at livejournal)
Utterly hysterical pre-Itachi incident where Sasuke’s mother, after determining her three year-old second son is gay, buys him a dress.
Avoiding the Issue
Sasu/Naru Sasuke’s paranoid, neurotic, and anal-retentive. Naruto fails to get why this means Sasuke doesn’t want anyone to know about their relationship.
Living with Strangers
Sequel to Avoiding the Issue. Kakashi wonders why his house has become ground zero for Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship problems.
Imagine Kakashi giving sex ed to each individual member of Team 7. Imagine how each individual would react to that knowledge. And imagine the size of Kakashi’s headache by the end of it. Wonderfully in-character.

Troubling New Developments by SicTransitGloria
Somehow Kakashi forgot to take into account how pre-pubescent students tend to go through puberty at some point. His fellow team captains share his frustration with this minor biological inconvenience.

Dear Foolish Little Brother by solderini
Crackfic. Just because Itachi’s murdered the entire clan doesn’t mean he’s going to miss out on being able to communicate with his little brother.

Commitment (epic-esque), Complete
Teamwork by askerian (Asuka Kureru at
(43,801 words) One of her major series; basic premise is Kyuubi was horny. Kyuubi also can apparently make other people horny. Namely two certain team members. What happens the morning after? She has a collection of ficlets set in this universe as well, available at and livejournal, and Teamwork 2, the second part in the series. She's currently working on part 3. You can also find more risque portions of it at she has the links.
Teamwork Progression
(12,413 words) Ficlets set before Teamwork

Tides by Elizabeth Culmer, (edenfalling at livejournal)
(18,822 words) Because after you manage to kidnap/rescue your emotionally constipated teammate from Sound, you can’t exactly stay in Konoha. Interesting, sort of a pre Saku/Sasu/Naru.
The Way of the Apartment Manager
(77,275 words) Yukiko was a genin who never passed the chuunin exam, and now manages an apartment building. She thought that her ninja days were over, until the Sandaime asks her to rent an apartment for a 5 year-old named Uzumaki Naruto. Very good AU that’s more of the ‘what-if” variety.

Epic, In-Progress
A Different Perspective by Book of Changes
(52,135 words) Interesting AU that makes numerous small changes to the Naruto world while remaining true to the characters. A lot of Kakashi introspection, Iruka with scarily crackish special abilities, and several Eyeshield 21 crossover moments. Also has consumption of chocolate cake and the reason Naruto can’t wear anything but orange.

This Time Around by Crimson Skies
(49,848 words) Time travel fic where both Naruto and Sasuke get thrown back in time by an irrate Kyuubi and wind up preventing the Uchiha massacre. But things are never that simple, and the two find themselves trapped in their young bodies with memories of a future that keeps changing, and a present filled with new obstacles.

Lemonade by Elizabeth Culmer (edenfalling on livejournal)
(39,119 words) Buffy/Gundam Wing/Naruto Crossover. What happens when Uchiha Sasuke, Faith, and Duo Maxwell fall through a demonic portal and are stuck together on an alien world? (The author is very calmly and determinedly working to make the answer ‘a threesome.’) Plot may sound completely implausible, but it’s very well put together.
The Guardian in Spite of Herself
(53,482 words) Sequel to The Way of the Apartment Manager. The butterfly effect begins to snowball as Yukiko has another seven year-old renting space in her apartment- namely, one Uchiha Sasuke reeling from the Uchiha massacre. Naruto also demonstrates just how creepily resourceful a seven-year old can be.

For the Love of My Friends by Foxie-sama
(503,508 words) Leaning towards Hinata/Naruto, but still mostly hints. The Sound has taken over Konoha. Almost everyone’s either dead or dying, and Naruto takes a last-ditch chance to use the Kyuubi’s chakra go back in time and make things right. The writing gets progressively better as the fic goes on, and has a lot of wonderful moments.

A Fox and a Shark Walk Into a Bar by Gigabomb
(154,532 words) AU fic where Akatsuki successfully captured Naruto. Not to kill him, to have him join up, and be paired on a team with Gaara. X number of years later, two Akastuki teams are assigned to Konoha to brokerage a peace treaty, one of which is Naruto’s. The only catch? Everyone in Konoha thinks he’s dead. Contains some very interesting ideas and good moments, such as Gaara being assigned a therapist and attempting to deal with his homicidal impulses by causing grievous bodily harm instead of wholesale slaughter.

Two Steps Back by H.E. Gray
(20,396 words) Time travel fic- After a blinded Sasuke’s screwed up more than usual, he finds himself back in Konoha before the Uchiha massacre, and decides to try and change the future. Not by helping his younger self, but by helping Naruto.

A Twist of Chance by MockV
(155,099 words) A fic that takes the “Naruto finds (a) family member(s) plot and goes places with it few have thought of. A mix of serious and humor, and definitely worth a read. Contains a lot of original ideas about Kage Bushin, ninja bureaucracy, the true price of the Kyuubi’s attack, and why it wasn’t such a good idea for Naruto to miss all those classes towards the end of the semester at the ninja academy, namely the one specializing in “chakra control.”

Door Number Two by Reaper Nanashi
(178,785 words) AU where Naruto’s consciousness is thrown into another world where the Yondaime survived, the Kyuubi’s female, and everything’s different. Back in a twelve year-old body, Naruto tries to handle the sudden appearance of a family that loves and cares about him while trying to understand what exactly happened.

Reclaiming Life by Sangelide
(61,000 words) Naruto/HP crossover. Reincarnation-fic involving the three from the Harry Potter universe getting a second chance as the members of Team 7. Apparently Harry’s doomed to draw the attention of snake-like megalomaniacs. Good characterization; mixes the personalities of the Hogwarts three with the Team 7 members very intriguingly. Not Book 7 compliant.

Hiatus/ Incomplete
When the Rains Come by, (ChibiRisu-Chan at
Fan-fanfic for Self-Reliance. Sasuke’s at home after the return to Konoha. He receives a visit from someone he would much rather not encounter in his present condition. Contains mind-fucking, a kitten eating blueberry yogurt, and mention of walruses.

Self-Reliance by Imbrium Iridium
(143,385 words) Sasu/Naru male-preg Sasuke takes advantage of the sexy no jutsu to ensure the continuation of the Sharingan. Unfortunately, his carefully elaborate plans involved Uzumaki Naruto. Interesting relationship development, and a lot of detail regarding the specifics and side-effects inherent with altering male physiology through jutsu to allow for pregnancy.

The Difference Between You and Me by Puppet In the Corner
(11,591 words) A fic with several OCs where Naruto ran away from Konoha as a child and was picked up by Zabuza. Has crossdressing, Orochimaru (no, for once it isn’t Orochimaru doing the crossdressing) and take-out udon, not necessarily in that order.

Current number of recs: 40
Tags: naruto, rec

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